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In a private Pilates Class we have the luxury of completely focussing the session on your specific needs. It is perfect if you are working to a specific training goal, or rehabbing through an injury or you just feel you need some 1:1 care before going into a group class setting. We will be using the Pilates reformer along with other apparatus to address your specific needs. 


Neuromuscular therapy uses different forms of manual therapies including sports massage, muscle energy techniques, trigger point needling etc.. to help alleviate chronic or acute pain.


As part of the session we can investigate your movement patterns that may be creating your current symptoms.  


Most injuries arise from sub-optimal movement. Unintentionally our posture or a quick jerky movement or that movement that is causing repetitive stress  …..can lead to an imbalance , and thus pain. 


We can work out a plan to not only ease the symptoms by use of manual therapies but empower you with a movement plan to get  your body on the right track going forward.  

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