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My Pilates Journey

I have always been a mover!


As a child and young adult dance was my passion and I was formally trained in Ballet. It was in the dance studio where I was first introduced to Pilates as a form of body conditioning to aid my dancing. But it wasn’t until my early thirties when I revisited the method.


My career in marketing meant I was sitting a lot, crouched over a computer screen. I had also just had my first child and unsurprisingly my back started giving out! So I signed up for a beginners Pilates course and I won’t lie, I was not an immediate fan.


At a beginners level, patience is needed, as you are slowly brought through the different movements allowing you to learn the technique with precision and control. But as I said I am a mover …..I wanted to MOVE! Moving up through the levels I started to appreciate the method and after a few months something clicked. A deeper knowledge of how the body moves was unlocked. It is not just a case of making shapes with your body….up, down, twist; it is connecting to all the different muscles, your breath and body positioning to carry out the required movement. Pilates gives you the gift of connecting you back to your body and breath.


In its essence Pilates is mindful movement. The physical benefits and overall

wellbeing that I have enjoyed from my Pilates practice is something that I am very

passionate to share with others. Over the years I have seen my clients get stronger, move freer, stand taller and offering them a vehicle for them to tune in and connect with their bodies for a stress relieving hour is pure gold!

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