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Whether morning or evening, my foundation classes are a perfect way to awaken the body. They are carried out at a deliberate pace, allowing you time to find the proper connections in your body, bringing awareness to your core and postural muscles in particular. You will be thought how to do the basic Pilates exercises with correct technique. These classes will give you a full body workout and will help to build on your strength and flexibility. You are sure to be walking out of the classes a little bit taller. These classes are suitable for the complete beginner or for those who need a re-cap on the Pilates technique. Mats and equipment all provided.

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Improvers CLASS

Working within your own body’s strength and abilities, these classes will develop the level of intensity of the fundamental repertoire and introduce you to new intermediate Pilates movements. Props are used to increase the challenge and prepare you for the advanced work. These classes are for those who have an understanding of the Pilates fundamentals and wish to progress to intermediate level. Mats and equipment all provided.

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Advanced CLASS

This level involves the most advanced Pilates movements. Again props are used to add further challenge. After this you will feel wonderfully conditioned, strong and centered! These classes flow at a faster pace and are suitable for the experienced practitioner. Mats and equipment all provided.

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