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Sinead is an excellent Pilates teacher. Her instruction is clear, concise and personalised. The classes are brilliant for developing and regaining core strength and flexibility. The classes translate perfectly to zoom, it’s great to have a bit of normality in this strange time.


The schedule of regular online classes is very beneficial for placing structure to maintain my exercise routine and gives the extra push when sometimes required!  The benefits of someone “keeping their eye on you” during the class also ensures you put the effort in  and you are completing the routine correctly.


 Sinead’s classes are very well structured and delivered to the right pace to suit the practise level. I always leave the class, whether in-studio or online, feeling better than when I started the class! I have previously suffered from sciatica and can fully endorse Pilates as a means to prevent the recurrence of this.


 I would love to be in the Pilates studio for our weekly class but sadly this cannot be. At first, I was hesitant about joining online classes but I haven't looked back once! The online classes are structured in the same way as the studio classes and are as varied and as challenging as always! Sinéad keeps an eye on us on her screen so there is no hiding or taking it easy! It is lovely to have some sort of routine in place at this crazy time! I would definitely recommend them as a means of keeping up your Pilates practice.


I have found Sinead's online Pilates classes brilliant. I was a little sceptical at first as I had never participated in a remote exercise class before, but I can honestly say that I gain the same benefit from the online class as I do attending the regular class, barr missing Sinead's company and wicked sense of humour! I would highly recommend the online classes to anyone who is considering doing Pilates, take the leap of faith and don't let the use of technology put you off!


I look forward to my Pilates class with Sinéad each week.  I’m often tired and stressed juggling work and a young family so I really appreciate that hour to concentrate on myself and always feel energised and a little more zen afterwards. I began Pilates with Sinéad a year ago after having two caesarean sections in two years, I can feel my core strength improving with each class and have improved flexibility.  Sinéad is an excellent teacher, very attentive, supportive and creative.



I had attended Sinéad’s classes for nearly 3 years before the switch over to online classes. I would absolutely recommend Sinéad as a Pilates teacher & would encourage anyone to try her online sessions. I was a little wary at the beginning as to how the online would work, however, she gives great instruction describing the moves so clearly as well as demonstrating them & I always come away from the online class feeling it was really worthwhile & rewarding. A particular move which I just could not master in the actual face to face classes was finally mastered by me last week online, delighted with that & Sinéad spotted my success straight away so she is very aware of her clients at all times.

The classes have been great, I really appreciate you taking time to set it up for all of us participating.  One of the great things about the classes is it is enabling me to maintain my previous routine of Pilates practice, albeit, from my front room, it gives me some sense of normality of life before Covid-19.    

I had great intentions and downloaded all the apps but I am not the most disciplined when it comes to exercising at home. I might do 15-20 mins once a month, it’s great to have the schedule, the live instruction, interaction and correction.  It’s very easy to ignore an app and give up halfway through when there isn’t any interaction, sometimes it’s good to have big brother watching so thanks again for setting it all up.”


Though I have enjoyed using online classes previous to this, I find that Sinead’s live Pilates classes are particularly enjoyable and challenging to the right degree. The classes are easy to follow as every move is very clearly explained in detail. I find that if I wanted, I could close my eyes for the entire class and have no problem following along. The terms Sinéad uses are not too technical so beginners would not feel lost. I find that Sinéad is very intuitive- just as my shoulder is tensing she says to release it, and just as my foot is dropping she says, ‘hold it up there‘- this is even while teaching us online using Zoom. I think to myself, ‘How does she know?!’ But it’s just proof of her years of experience and how much care and attention she gives to her students. We can set our individual cameras up so that Sinéad can see us on our mats. In this way, she can offer personal advice as well. There are always alternatives offered if we find that our flexibility is less or more on a particular day. I could find various classes on YouTube but I wouldn’t stick with them the way I have with Sinead’s Core Control Pilates- her’s are individual, always different, and having a set class time and a virtual classroom full of fellow students gives me the motivation I need to ‘keep at it’ so I can build a healthy, strong body.


 I’m loving your classes online. They are so good sometimes I actually feel I’m with you in person. You explain every move in detail as well as demonstrating. If it wasn’t for your classes I can honestly say my commitment on my own would leave a lot to be desired.


I find the classes great. It's nice to have a bit of routine. Sinead is great for giving the advice when I'm in the wrong position :) Thoroughly enjoying the classes!


I have found the online classes really rewarding and in many respects much easier than the in-person attendance in that having the room to myself during practice and being less
conscious of others has been very calming - I guess it’s just easier to stay in the moment and be less conscious of what you look like and more in the flow of the exercises and
breathing. The tuition is still just as excellent as it was and I always feel that you are paying attention to our movements online as though we were there in person. 


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