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Hi There, 


It's great news that we can finally get to together and train again in the studio. It's been a long time and I imagine you may have a few questions as to how it will work? What measures are in place so that you can rest easy and enjoy your practice in the studio again. If you have any questions that I haven't answered here feel free to get in touch.


Do I need to provide a COVID cert?

Yes. This is essential to comply with the government imposed health measures to keep us all safe.

What do I bring to the class?

Please bring your own Pilates mat to the class and as few personal belongings as possible

Do I need to wear a mask in the class?

Please wear a mask to your mat. Once you are in the studio it is not necessary to wear your mask. Everyone in the studio will have been double vaccinated. If you prefer to wear your mask please feel free to do so. 

Will my teacher be wearing a mask?

I, Sinéad Gannon have been double vaccinated and will not be wearing a mask so that you can easily understand what I am saying. 

How many will be in the class?

There will be a maximum of 10 participants in each class. These participants will be same for the 6 weeks.

If I can’t attend my regular class, can I join another one instead?

Unfortunately I cannot allow you to join another in-studio class. However as a trial run for this term I will be hosting a live Zoom class on Friday morning’s at 10:30am. If you are unable to attend your regular in-studio class, please send me a text to add you into the Friday morning class instead. You are welcome to attend this free of charge and all participants of this zoom class will receive the recording.

Why have the prices gone up?

I have had to increase the prices slightly as our costs have risen & participant numbers per class has decreased. I have kept the prices as low as possible and trust you will find them reasonable. 

What other measures will be in place to keep the space a safe space to practice?

  • All participants must assume their personal responsibility for following the government COVID guidelines. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines (https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/covid19/restricted-movements/restricted-movements/) and if advised to restrict your movements please do not attend class. If you do need to isolate but feel well, please contact me and I will add you into the ZOOM Friday morning class free of charge.

  • Arrive to the studio on time, avoid coming to the studio more than 5 mins before your class starts

  • Please wear your mask until you are settled in the studio

  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival (this will be provided)

  • There will be a one way system in and out of the studio

  • The studio will be kept well ventilated by keeping the doors and windows open where possible

  • High traffic areas (handles, railings etc..) will be cleaned down after each class

  • The studio will be given a thorough ZOONO cleaning application regularly

  • Participants will bring their own mats

  • Any props used will be fully disinfected and we kindly ask you clean them down after use. You will be told in advance what prop we will be using so there will be an option to bring your own if you prefer. Only props that are easily wiped down and disinfected will be used.  


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